Cooperation with us usually consists of the following steps:

1. Analysis and creating a financially sustainable business model


2. The process is accompanied by mentoring, counseling, feedback, brainstorming


3. Preparation of a business plan / information memorandum


4. Selection of the most suitable sources of funding according to the type of project (financial structure)


5. Fundraising


6. Follow up and networking of projects within the social innovation ecosystem



Solvers of societal challenges

 economically sustainable business plan, financial structure & fundraising for longterm success



project presentation, adjustments, closing a transaction with the best financing offer





​The fundraising process is the most complex and time-consuming part of our service:

  1. Create an info memo for the financing party, communicating the economical sustainability and the impact of the project 

  2. Create a list of potential investors

  3. Communicate with investors, using the memorandum

  4. Present the project to financing parties

  5. Adjust the memorandum based on the specific needs of the financing party

  6. Take care of any forms and documents required by the specific institution

  7. Permanently "handhold" and mentor both parties involved

  8. Collect and assess the financing offers

  9. Create an optimal financing structure from the offers available

  10. Assist with closing the offer (no legal services)

  11. The social enterprise receives raised capital