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Strengthening the entrepreneurial sustainability in the border region of Slovakia – Austria with added social value 

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1st press release:

The project Social Entrepreneurship and Education Development Hub (SEED Hub) supports social businesses and entrepreneurs whose common feature is taking social responsibility while working with innovative and sustainable concepts.

"Social entrepreneurship" is an umbrella term that stands for a variety of social entrepreneurial forms. SEED-Hub develops specific training offers and builds a Slovak-Austrian network of social enterprises and entrepreneurs that can be active among others in the following business and activity areas: education, labour integration, environmental protection, social assistance, fair trade, social housing, culture and arts, tourism, IT, telecommunications, community development, human rights, etc.

The aim of SEED-Hub is to develop long-term partnerships between social enterprises and entrepreneurs who carry out similar activities in the border regions of both countries, i.e. the Slovak Republic and Austria, face similar challenges and might benefit from a transfer of know-how. In addition, SEED Hub will contribute to the strengthening of cross-border institutional cooperation by mobilising social economy partners from the public sphere. The project focuses on sustainable growth in the border regions between Vienna, Burgenland, Lower Austria, Bratislava and Trnava and works on the following outcomes:

  • A mapping of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in these border regions complemented by interviews with at least 70 existing and start-up entrepreneurs and organisations about their activities, challenges and cooperation potential with similar organisations in the other country.

  • Building on the mapping, the SEED-Hub education programme with five modules will be tailor-made to current needs of the social economy. 30 participants from the emerging network in the border regions will be invited after an open call to participate. The selection of participants will be implemented with the help of criteria catalogue. 

  • An annual Social Business Forum will help to further strengthen cross-border cooperation within the SEED-Hub network.


The project is coordinated by EUBA (Faculty of Economics & Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava) and supported by the project partners Sociálni inovátori, družstvo (Social Innovators Cooperative), the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (FHB) in Eisenstadt and the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna.

SEED-Hub is funded at the rate of 85% by the INTERREG V-A Slovakia-Austria cooperation programme of the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

The key role of Sociálni inovátori is to map and audit the ecosystem of social economy stakeholders or providers of solutions for social challenges, and contribute to promotion of social entrepreneurship and networking stakeholders in regions in both countries with a focus on their economical sustainability. 


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Project submitted: November 2019 

Start (SI): Júl 2020 

Length (SI): Júl 2020 - October 2022 

Budget in total: 734 775,05 € 


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