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The cooperative - social enterprise - Wasco operates a laundry service, a project that provides opportunities for long-term unemployed individuals, women returning to work after maternity leave, single mothers with children, individuals with disabilities, young people, as well as those over 50 years old.

The goal of the laundry service is to help people acquire work habits, fully enter the job market, and be able to find permanent employment elsewhere.

"For years, we have been living in Horehronie, where we have been bothered by the long-term issue of high unemployment. However, in our region, we see potential - skilled people who need a fresh start.

We believe it can be done. Therefore, we decided to apply the experience gained abroad here at home.

We launched Wasco - a laundry service that helps."


We wash, iron, advise, and educate skilled people from Horehronie.



employed people

business partners

Source:, april 2024

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