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What is Renso about?

  • We provide real estate, spaces, and investments under stable and fair conditions.

  • We renovate unused and neglected buildings, thereby reducing emissions compared to new construction and contributing to the regeneration of the surrounding environment.

  • This creates a permanent base for social work and public service activities.


We create a safe harbor for social economy entities and their activities. Bringing them together under one roof brings benefits of mutual synergy, supports circularity, contributes to better integration of their work and activities with local communities, and enhances their perception within the surrounding neighborhood, village, or city. We thus help not only in creating positive social impacts but also in building renovation, environmental regeneration, creating healthy communities, and preserving historical heritage.

The first example of real estate provided is the civic association Antira, which works with children from children's homes, including children who end up in homes and need affordable housing, where they also receive support from the Antira NGO:


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