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We give goods a second chance!

Goods that remain unsold unfortunately often end up being incinerated, even if there's nothing wrong with them.

Imagine those flames consuming a Gore-Tex jacket. Just because someone couldn't sell it during the season. The manufacturer needs money to produce a new jacket, contributing to environmental pollution once again.

At Kleinsporte, we aim to acquire such goods and give them a second chance. This helps us save CO2 and water not only in the production of new goods but also by preventing the incineration of older models.

The production of 1 kg of textile generates up to 20-23 kg of greenhouse gases and 100-150 liters of water. If you buy a T-shirt weighing on average 150g, you save 3-3.2 kg and 15-22.5 liters of water.


  • Employment of vulnerable groups

  • Sale of goods that would otherwise end up in landfills (saving the planet)

  • Affordable prices for outlet goods (saving money)

  • Community building

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Second Chance Outlet


Together we saved:

5 854 652

1 007 000

litres of water

kg CO2

Source:, April 2024

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